Data Loss Prevention

Every 82 seconds, another email-related desktop breach has occurred, that the end user and IT doesn’t even know about…

We are issuing a Security Challenge! GeoAware Eval | GeoAware Android | GeoAware iOS

Find out INSTANTLY if your endpoint email security stands up to the test?

Simple in-flight, real-time, software-driven, security awareness – compliance!

Isolate outbound lateral threats from endpoints within the organization – governance!

Worry-free email, just focus on business… we fingerprint each email in a “Circle of Trust”.

We secure your company with instant awareness triggers when, inbound, outbound and lateral threats occur!

Breaking News!

eMailGPS Announces GeoPlatformTM

Headline News. April 4, 2017 eMailGPS, Inc.

GeoPlatformTM provides a NEW 6-Layer Defense to compliment your existing security mechanisms. Our security begins with GeoAwareTM Core security offering, a GeoAwareTM Isolation of endpoint threats, GeoAwareTM Enterprise confidentiality, GeoAwareTM Appliance analytics dashboards from the data center’s GeoPerspectiveTM a view of email threatsGeoAwareTM Endpoints both mobile and desktop and GeoAwareTM Integration providing real-time firewall updates and SIEM monitoring alerts to limit cyber-crime’s operational space…

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