Data Loss Prevention

Every 82 seconds, another email-related desktop breach has occurred, that the end user and IT doesn’t even know about…


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eMailGPS Data Loss Prevention, Isolation and Investigation. The GeoAware Ecosystem’s plan of action is proactive awareness (prevention), real-time combat to isolate threats (isolation) and remediate cybercrime breaches in minutes (investigation) to reinforce enterprise security defenses!

Prevention. We are at war and cyber criminals. It’s not who an email came from, or who malicious code is talking to…it’s where. Simplified at-a-glance traffic light approach to provide awareness to any end-user that they will understand immediately to prevent Business Email Compromise (BEC).

Isolation. We look at outbound communications, threats come in as emails from friends and family members, or long-time customers, or your boss. GeoThreat instantly blocks command and control used in ransomware attacks and it’s lateral propagation through your connected communities.

Investigation. If breached we provide Forensic Investigators with information within minutes about a crime that bypassed normal security mechanisms. Allow for remediation, case work and triage to the location of origin.

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eMailGPS Announces GeoAwareTM Ecosystem

Headline News. August 2017 eMailGPS, Inc.

Today you need a plan to supplement your existing security. Face-it nothing is 100%… But the goal is to reduce the operational space, isolate intrusions and provide discovery of crimes that bypass normal security mechanisms.

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