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We Detect, Report, and Resolve “In-flight” Social Engineered email intrusion threats that FIREWALLS and SPAM filters do not.

Our Goal is, to extend forensics to the desktop perimeter where they are most effective to provide your organization with an around the clock IT WATCHDOG SECURITY EXPERT. We have a resilient solution for DETECTING, REPORTING and RESOLVING the rising threat intrusions and bombardment of email attacks everyone is exposed to 24 x 7 x 365. Email was designed to be open where the communications could take place as intend… to allow people to communicate, as they would in person, which allows a visual verification of the person’s intentions and identity.

How can we have that same sense of assurance from an email message that can be faked in almost every way?

EMail Threats

Your Challenges are, multi-faceted since newly devised intrusion attacks are created almost daily to test the strength of our defenses, or just to bury sleeper viruses or other malicious code. The advent of IoT how has opened up a new door with an expected 1 trillion devices, some of which many send email. Since email is being sent daily from many sources, some are known trusted sources and others unknown untrusted sources. How can you tell what’s been compromised? Email phishing attacks are now coupled with sophisticated spoofing techniques which are designed to forge an sender’s email address. Because the core email protocols do not have any mechanism for authentication, it is common for spam and phishing emails to use such spoofing to mislead the recipient about the origin of the message.  Cyber-criminals use the open nature of email against their victims and security solutions today are still unable to stop human-to-human email deception. The statistics below show that 16 million phishing emails make it through the security tiers every day and those specifically target human-to-human deception.

What is your security strategy? Business Email Compromised (BEC), is now the most active internet crime reported to the FBI in 2015. Our research shows most solutions on the market are really not a solution at all they are just recommended education process or procedures. We agree customers need to be educated since they are the first line of defense. However, automated interception software is required to decipher these breaches.

Our eMailGPS Solution is, a combination of instant awareness software and simple education developed to STOP security breaches at the source… but we are only human and human inspection is still required. Our simple intervention allow the end-users to quickly address the 10.2% (16 million) daily phishing emails, that bypass the firewall and the spam filters of the worlds email systems. Placing eMailGPS forensics at the source allows an organization’s end-user to aid in defending itself at the perimeter. eMailGPS runs in-flight predictive analysis on each email as it arrives in Outlook, instantly notifying each end-user “Outlook Client” on known threats in their mailboxes. Emails are identified in three categories: “red flagged emails” are the identified as predictive high-risk from known “untrusted sources”and are locked (requiring a pin# to open); the “yellow-flagged emails” indicate to use caution this email is a suspected threat from an “unknown source server”, and finally “un-flagged emails“, these are known and trusted servers.  Even trusted email locations can easily be discovered to verify its geolocation – with a simple click. It’s always a best practice is to click on the geolocation to verify on any email you are unsure about, do not click on the download images until the geolocation is verified and then carefully review all links prior to clicking on any links in an email. Additionally, the outlook “Preview Option” gives you a great look at an emails contents prior to opening. A simple right-click on a suspected email, sends the e-mail threat to a corporate help-desk or security administrator for deeper investigation. An organization is only as strong as it’s front-line defenses and simple effective no complex education and training of your employees on threats will aid in lowering and eliminating the organizations risks. We highly suggest that our educational series be looked at to insure you have educated employees that can help the organization combat cyber-criminals.

High-valued employees, CxO’s, procurement and accounting executives are all targets, the scam is know as “CEO Fraud”, where cyber-criminals impersonate a executive’s email account and directs an employee to wire money to an overseas bank account. By the time one realizes it is fraud, the money is gone – transnational organized crime is a global problem.

eMailGPS has developed three targeted solutions: GeoAware Mobile Android or Apple iOS, GeoAware Desktop or GeoAware DataCenter that supports three classifications of end-users: Trusted for consumers, Identified for small-medium-business SMB (includes Trusted) and Secured for enterprises (includes Trusted and Identified), where corporations are more exposed due to the high number of employees and the sheer number of phishing emails that escape spam filters.

Intrusion Detection

Trusted OperationsTrusted Intrusion DetectionTM  with eMailGPS GeoAware Desktop or GeoAware Mobile, runs in-flight predictive analysis and identity scans on emails as they arrive instantly in Outlook to proactively notifies each end-user of “untrusted sources”, ad-hoc geolocation mapping of the email source, allows a single-click, to send the e-mail threat to a corporate help-desk to take action or governance.

Intrusion Prevention

Identified Operations – High-Valued Shield Intrusion ProtectionTM with eMailGPS GeoAware Desktop, enforces email user geolocation verification before sending emails to fight against high-valued executive and CEO scams..

Secured Operations – Corporate Shield Intrusion ProtectionTM with eMailGPS GeoAware Desktop or GeoAware Mobile, enforces highly sensitive compliance at the corporate, employee levels to ensure unique confidentiality exists within the corporate walls.

Cyber Essentials

eMailGPS is looking to STOP email spoofing intrusion at the desktop!