GeoAware Core

Architecture – Post Threat Notifier Workflow

Worklow Technology

Email delivery of Post Threat Notifier reporting is included.

SNMP Trap, syslog, and other delivery methods may require additional custom services.

Trusted Intrusion DetectionTM

Predictive NotifierTM

See’s in-flight threats coming before user open the email

Real-time Identity ScanTM (RIS)

Identifies an email’s identity as a trusted IP source based on security policies

Email GeoMappingTM 

Ad-hoc email origin mapping for identity verification, email forensics, or asset location

Post Threat NotifierTM

Align end-users with enterprise security strategies by providing a “one-click” email forensics reporting that automatically bundles and geolocates the suspect email’s information for internal security teams, help desks or external managed service providers to use for resolution.

Email Quarantine ContainmentTM

Outlook Quick-Steps provides the ability for Email Quarantine ContainmentTM removing suspected emails for later review from the INBOX.