eMailGPS Roadmap

eMailGPS has extensive plans to continually enhance and offer expanded functionality and niche coverage.

eMailGPS Product RoadMap Q2 2017 – Q1 2018


  • eMailGPS GeoAware Data Center
  • eMailGPS GeoAware Office365 Outlook
  • eMailGPS GeoAware Mobile
  • eMailGPS GeoAware Email Threat Profiler

This roadmap does not include the following products, but all in in pre-release dev:

  • eMailGPS Desktop Email Client – no Outlook required
  • eMailGPS plug-in for Google Chrome
  • eMailGPS plug-in for Edge/IE
  • eMailGPS plug-in for Firefox
  • eMailGPS add-in for Thunderbird Windows client
  • eMailGPS add-in for Exchange Web Access Client – server side module for webmail delivered by MS Exchange

eMailGPS determines the product roadmap directly from the value achieved to our customers, and accomplishing these high-level company goals:

  • being the most unique and valuable security awareness solution for email end users, IT teams, and executives anywhere
  • leveraging our core value of determining an email’s condition/intentions based on geolocation
  • provide a higher degree of embedded email handling best practices
  • provide a higher degree of email identity confidence
  • provide integrations for continued value and leveraging existing investments
  • provide complete email coverage of an email user’s ecosystem where it adds value to the above goals