Founded in 2016 with over eleven man-years of code development in our products and climbing, eMailGPS empowers organizations in avoiding business email compromise in a way that can’t be accomplished with cloud and data center solutions alone. With home offices in Wyoming,  and global sales, software development, marketing, and support teams globally, eMailGPS takes a GeoAware view of email sources that sees through even the most savvy email breach attempts from human deception, social engineering, and more.

eMailGPS offers end-point data loss prevention on Office365 Outlook as a Microsoft approved add-in, and as a GeoAware email client on Android and iOS mobile devices. eMailGPS offers a data center solution that gives a “domain-specific view” of email threats making the end-point threat and trust awareness even stronger in the largest enterprise environments. eMailGPS has also included network packet analysis with our proprietary GeoAware intelligence algorithms in desktop and data center solutions that isolates breaches to avoid lateral damages and outside malware control.

eMailGPS rounds out the GeoAware ecosystem with post-breach forensics analysis that integrates with our data center and end-point awareness for a full email security and breach isolation ecosystem.

eMailGPS executives and engineers come from top Fortune 500 leaders in business service management software, global sales and support organizations, and have created a customer-facing organization and email security platform that scales globally.

September 2017

  • September 1     Funding: Opening up Series “A” Funding to Investment Opportunities
  • September 5     Cork, Ireland: Partner Event hosted by Encrypta Group

August 2017

  • August 1   Product Trademark: GeoAware Ecosystem
  • August 1   Product Trademark: GeoAware Automation
  • August 1   Product Trademark: GeoAware Network Packet Analysis
  • August 1   eMailGPS Company: About updated
  • August 1   Prevention: Prevent Email Deception & Compromise with GeoAware Automation
  • August 1   Isolation: Isolate Internal Breaches with GeoAware Network Packet Analysis
  • August 1   Investigation: Investigate Historical Email Breaches with Comprehensive Forensic Analysis
  • August 1   New Corporate Price List Announced
  • August 7   GeoAware Ecosystem Platform Production Ready

July 2017

  • July 1        eMailGPS Email Treat Profiler (ETP): provide RIS intelligence to analysis
  • July 5        eMailGPS DataCenter provides updates from cloud and self-deploy
  • July 8        eMailGPS Email Treat Profiler (ETP): provide global blacklist lookup on threats found
  • July 15       eMailGPS Email Treat Profiler (ETP): provide geolocation and malware
  • July 20       eMailGPS Email Treat Profiler (ETP): provides GUI, report generation, analytics

June 2017

  • June 1        eMailGPS Email Threat Profiler (ETP): provides forensic investigators with historical email breach comprehensive forensic analysis.
  • June 15       eMailGPS Email Threat Profiler (ETP): provides full parsing of PST files
  • June 22       eMailGPS Email Treat Profiler (ETP): provides Predictive Notifier intelligence to analysis
  • June 30       GeoAwareTM Desktop: Extend log
  • June 30        IC2 Conference: Texas event

May 2017

  • May 4        eMailGPS DataCenter scalability and reporting
  • May 14       Product Trademark: eMailGPS Email Treat Profiler (ETP)
  • May 14       Product Trademark: eMailGPS Forensic Aware software
  • May 14       Product Trademark: eMailGPS Threat Profiler Engine
  • May 14       Product Trademark: eMailGPS Threat Profiler Service
  • May 20       GeoAware Mobile iOS/Android: On-board threats and trust
  • May 30       GeoAware Desktop: receive updates from eMailGPS DataCenter

April 2017

  • April 4        eMailGPS Release Broadens Endpoint Coverage: covers all enterprise mobile endpoints Android (phones and tablets), iOS (iPhone, iPad Apple Watch and Apple TV)
  • April 5        Product Trademark: eMailGPS GeoPlatform
  • April 7        eMailGPS Mobile GeoAware Android Mobile Devices Released
  • April 15      eMailGPS DataCenter Packet Analysis and break detection

March 2017

  • March 10    Product Trademark: eMailGPS GeoAware Mobile for Android devices
  • March 10    Product Trademark: eMailGPS GeoAware Mobile for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad Apple Watch and Apple TV)
  • March 27    Product Trademark: eMailGPS DataCenter Software
  • March 27    Product Trademark: eMailGPS DataCenter E10KWorkGroup Appliance
  • March 27    Product Trademark: eMailGPS DataCenter E30KDataCenter Appliance
  • March 27    Product Trademark: eMailGPS DataCenter E450KBigData Appliance

February 2017

  • February 1    Endpoint Product Training: GeoThreat Traffic Analysis Interpretation
  • February 1    IT Security Team Product Training: GeoThreat Traffic Analysis Internals
  • February 4   eMailGPS begins work on Endpoint Coverage: for Android and iOS mobile devices
  • February 7    Product Trademark: eMailGPS Firewall Integration Pack, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) with firewall automation generated by perimeter security correlated from end user awareness
  • February 7    Product Trademark: eMailGPS SIEM Monitoring Integration Pack, automated SMTP integration with leading SIEM Monitoring solutions
  • February 28  eMailGPS New Logo: Introduces a new logo that better represents themselves as a Global Security Awareness organization based on the geolocation and traffic threat analysis
  • February 28  eMailGPS New Website: Introduces a new marketing website https://www.emailgps-global.com

January 2017

  • January 1       Happy New Year!
  • January 2      New Corporate Price List Announced
  • January 7      International Partner Expansion, Distribution Channels Expanded 
  • January 7      Product Trademark: GeoThreat Traffic Analysis for Ransomware Attacks part of  eMailGPS Secured Add-In
  • January 15     Product Trademark: eMailGPS LastLineTM Analytics

December 2016

  • December 1       eMailGPS  Social Media Marketing: Security Challenge
  • December 7       eMailGPS  obtains DUNS Number #080459986
  • December 12     eMailGPS identifies NAICS Codes# 541519 Other Computer Related Services, 443142 Electronics Stores, 541511 Custom Computer Programming Services,  511210 Software Publishers and 611420 Computer Training
  • December 13     eMailGPS Partners with Online Superstore that serves the needs of both Public and Private customers
  • December 14     eMailGPS defines Partnership program PartnerEssentialsTM
  • December 15     eMailGPS obtains Federal CAGE Code #7RB60
  • December 16     eMailGPS Partners with Federally-registered businesses verified to meet all requirements with the Federal Government

November 2016

  • November 1       eMailGPS New Marketing Presentation
  • November 2      Website : Shopping Cart Operational
  • November 26    Start of Cyber Shopping Experience… Black Friday, SMB Saturday, Cyber Monday and Cyber Week

October 2016

  • October 21     Webinar Series :  Email Security Awareness FREE Webinar. Simplified Awareness. See what’s possible. Stop. Glance. Geolocate. “Your Outlook Users, The Best Line of Defense Against Business Email Compromise”
  • October 28    Marketing Slogan : Stop. Glance. Geolocate. In-Flight Real-Time Software-Driven Threat Alerts! Worry-free email, just focus on business… we fingerprint each email.

September 2016

  • September 1        Website : Informative, 10-Day Evaluation for Office365 | Outlook
  • September 3        Product Trademarks:  B2B Business Shield Intrusion ProtectionTM, B2C  Consumer Shield Intrusion ProtectionTM, C2C Mediator Shield Intrusion ProtectionTM, B2G Government Shield Intrusion ProtectionTMG2G Foreign Government Shield Intrusion ProtectionTM
  • September 17      Microsoft Partner Network
  • September 19      Launched eMailGPS, Inc.

August 2016

  • August 15            eMailGPS, Inc. Founders formed Partnership
  • August 15            Initial Funding: Zodiac Business Development, Inc.
  • August 22           eMailGPS, Inc. Incorporated as a Wyoming Company
  • August 22           Trademark: Predictive In-Flight Email Geolocation SecurityTM
  • August 22           Product Trademarks: Predictive NotifierTM, Real-time Identity ScanTM (RIS), GeoMappingTM, Post Threat Notifier TM, GeoLock TM and Confidential Lock TM 
  • August 23           Created our solutions: Trusted Add-in, Identified Add-in and Secured Add-in
  • August 25           Industry: Identity and Access Management Market (IAM), defined by Analysts as $6.6B
  • August 25           Market Sector: Security Sector is $86B and Microsoft Outlook installs >800 million
  • August 25           Fraud Protection Segment: Intrusion Detection Systems and Intrusion Protection Systems
  • August 26           Category Trademarks: Trusted Intrusion DetectionTM, High-Valued Shield Intrusion ProtectionTM and Corporate Shield Intrusion ProtectionTM
  • August 27            Tactical Relationships: Wells Fargo Bank, Authorize.Net, TrustWave, Comodo Secure SSL
  • August 30           Training Instruction Packages: Microsoft Training Partners, Franchised Affiliates, etc.