Facts. Differentiators. Value.


When purchasing any product, one needs to pay attention to what stands out…

Will this help my business be more productive?

Will integrating this technology into my business, help it run more effectively?

Will this technology increase our security awareness and reduce our chances of exposure?

Can this be deployed simply, painlessly and reduce or eliminate complexity?

Is this solution cost-effective, can it eliminate and reduce other costs?


Critical Success Factors

  • Easily build awareness of potential threats without complicated training & refreshers
  • Value in having each emailed received compared to known global threats
  • Verify email of assumed trusted person, is coming from the location I expect, all sensitive emails before replying, providing a barrier of vigilance and on-demand any email location if changes in email safety
  • Enforcing security policies around known threat email sources with our threat analysis technology
  • Simplified end-user email security one-click reporting
  • Expedite perimeter security & remediation by identifying threats to your support group & quarantine them until verified
  • Internal confidence that we are working in a trusted, identified and secured environment
  • Single-pane-of-glass for all email sources and devices
  • Great TCO, ROI, minimal training, not complex, ease of use
  • Helps establish better SLAs around Email Security Compliance & Governance

eMailGPS Facts

  • True Office365 / Outlook Add-in
  • eMailGPS is used by 1000’s globally in 149 cities
  • No email content is analyzed or viewed
  • Integrates IT helpdesk, firewalls, spam filters, Big Data & network monitoring
  • Support / MSSP remediation benefit with reduced triage and better ROIs, TCOs and SLAs
  • Reduces business disruption
  • Eliminates extensive training, security knowledge transfer, complexity and re-training
  • New security threats are uploaded real-time to each end-user opens Office365 / Outlook
  • Provides 97-98% awareness efficiency, color-code each email and >99% with automated firewalls
  • Prevents end-user from opening “high-risk” threats without a pin-code verifier
  • Compliments organization’s security strategy
  • Top 3 Events: 1) Security: detects #1 FBI Threat BEC; 2) Compliance: Awareness forces analysis of threats; 3) Governance: Users become part of perimeter security
  • Compliments organization’s security strategy and policies
  • Top 3 Events:
    • 1)Security: detects #1 FBI Threat BEC
    • 2) Compliance: Awareness forces analysis of threats
    • 3) Governance: Users become part of perimeter security

eMailGPS Differentiators

  • Requires no complicated training or technical experience to install and use
  • Creates awareness of emails received, and promotes end user vigilance
  • Moves forensics to the client, instead of being the primary point of failure
  • Builds Trusted Operations compliance forcing analysis & governance alerts
  • Works for Office365 / Outlook: Consumers, SMB, governments and Enterprises
  • Encourages Outlook as a single-pane-of-glass for all email sources (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Webmail)
  • Updates trusted/blocked IP-Address to stabilize, fortify firewalls and spam filters
  • Creates awareness of emails received, and promotes end user vigilance
  • Empowers end-users to become a part of the fraud prevention solution
  • Simple basic security knowledge, no complex training and ease to use

eMailGPS Value Proposition

We bring a unique capability to bridge email security with IT Security Operations. Technical excellence the right outcome for every customer; Deep relationships we understand the importance of email protection in every business; Customer-first culture we never walk away from a problem; Flexible and agile we are easy to do business with. We provide “An even stronger “ Value Proposition…

One email can take down a company or the CEO in seconds!

  • One CEO in May 2016 lost $43M
  • FBI statistics are climbing on cyber-crime
  • 16 million emails/day by-pass the firewall
  • 8 million of those emails are opened daily
  • 800,000 have untrusted links

The value is clear… for as little as $1.67/month or 5.5/day!

  • Product ROI is almost immediate…
    • ROI Payback is 7 days or 1 week  Trusted Add-in
    • ROI Payback is 15 days or ~2 weeks Identified Add-in
    • ROI Payback is 22 days or ~3 weeks Secured Add-in
  • Prepaid Maintenance reduced for 2nd and 3rd year
  • Certified Training completed in hours… no more expensive or reoccurring training
  • Managed Security Services Program (MSSP) provides a Security IT Center at your disposal
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) Subscription Plans are available to drive down capital expenses  (CAPEX) and provide solutions with operational expenses (OPEX)
  • Flexible payment plans available for larger transactions

The value is clear, eMailGPS makes financial sense… the exposure to risk is too high…