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Simplified Email Security Awareness, Isolation & Remediation

eMailGPS plans of action: proactive awareness, combat & isolate threats and remediate cybercrime breaches to reinforce enterprise defenses! See what’s possible. Stop. Glance. Geolocate. “Your Outlook Users, is the Best Line of Defense Against Business Email Compromise (BEC)”

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Abstract – Core Understanding of our Technology

Instant Email Security Awareness

Join Kent Cartwright, Chief Technology Officer at eMailGPS, a well-known Subject Matter Expert (SME), will be discussing the problems plaguing our email systems, what can be done to create immediate security awareness and strengthen your Company end-point email clients. Why is important to looks at emails from a geolocation perspective right from the desktop to make high threat sources easy to spot and bring awareness of emails that come from untrusted sources. Different types of cybercrime performed with in email messages and how >837 of company breaches originate from email sources.

 Instant Best-Practice Email Security Compliance

In addition to instantly categorizing emails by threat level and trustworthiness by providing email security best-practice workflows. Why it is important once you identify a suspected email, to restrict email access to and to notify security teams to prevent other users from unknowingly enter into dangerous email activity. Why eMailGPS forcing sender identity verification when interacting with sensitive email senders by forcing end users to verify the sender’s geolocation before replying. How to ensure compliance is met throughout your Company via training, software and real-world experience. Knowing untrusted email IP sources at the desktop means someone faking their identity will be revealed to any email user, without the need for extensive training or expensive security awareness resources.

 Instant Value to Any Email Security Governance Strategy

Your Companies Help Desk and Security teams are the backbone of the companies’ security defense to ensure all firewalls and spam filters are configured to stop intrusions. Any email security solution must have a way to compliment any onsite or cloud firewall and/or SPAM filter security, and instantly add end-point security to enable end-users of any technical background. How strengthening the overall Company Security Strategy can occur with little to no training. Email governance is a form of management that dictates how email messaging is used in a corporate setting and how email intrusions are handled in a timely fashion to reduce risk. It also addresses how to secure information that is exchanged via the email system. eMailGPS compliments any onsite or cloud firewall or SPAM filter security, and instantly adds end users of any technical background to the overall security strategy with little to no training.

Instantly Gain Confidence in Email Conversations

To close out the webinar with extreme email security value, the eMailGPS team will discuss how to operate in a “Circle of Trust” worry-free email benefits.  Circle of Trust, creates a high level of trust for emails you send and receive within the Companies circle of enabled end-users who share the same Company Key. A “Circle of Trust”, creates high-confidence paths between all your Company B2B clients who share the same B2B Key. Circle of Trust, deploys quickly and easily and requires no cloud-based connectivity to keep your users and partners protected from email scams of all kinds.