GeoAware Desktop

Currently, eMailGPS as an Add-in, works in concert with Microsoft Office365 | Outlook that centralizes all email sources under a single platform, which is used widely by many corporations as the defacto email standard.

eMailGPS can be deployed across thousands of desktops in a single day, freeing up the IT Security Team resources and precious time spent on investigative forensics, and allows them to focus on more critical security issues within the company knowing that eMailGPS is proactively at work safeguarding the end-users email from cyber-criminals social engineering.

Individual Email Users

Individual eMailGPS users, and users evaluating eMailGPS for enterprise use, can deploy the eMailGPS add-in for Microsoft Office365 | Outlook using the Installshield wizard provided by or using the download from Individual users can simply select the installation defaults to evaluate eMailGPS GeoAware Core the Trusted Operation of eMailGPS.

Enterprise Email Users

Enterprise users of eMailGPS are encouraged to leverage software delivery platforms to deliver the add-in as an .msi or .exe package add. The initial installation and incremental updates to all supporting files can also be performed using software delivery solutions. Please contact for more information on using the full feature set of the eMailGPS Add-In for Microsoft Outlook.