GeoAware Isolation

Inspection and Protection from Potential Intrusions

Works in real-time to analyze threats that occur from within the enterprise desktop. Like end-user clicks on bad URLs and opening of bad attachments. The packets are analyzed and threats are mitigated in real-time to prevent command and control operations that seek connections to external known or defined threats on the internet. Additionally, prevents lateral movement of the desktop connecting to neighboring desktops and devices that want to push infected code like malware to other desktops or send off emails to contacts that would act like the host end-user in order to infect, disrupt or promote ransomware across and enterprise.

eMailGPS provides action in real-time, 3-levels of configurable defense and 1-level of packet analysis to mitigate cybercrime operational space and to ensure that end-users operate in a trusted environment.

eMailGPS Pin-Code VerifierTM

Requires all endpoints on a red condition threat to put in a pin-code to open the email. Typically, enterprises would not share the pin-code with end-users and require a right-click quarantine of the email threat.


End User Verification Compliance, provides security compliance by enforcing email user geolocation verification before responding to email addresses with high value targets like CxO staff, purchasing, procurement, etc.

High Valued Shield Intrusion ProtectionTM – Identification

High Valued Shield Intrusion Protection - Identification

High Valued Shield Intrusion ProtectionTM – Firewall Update Stops Intrusion

High Valued Shield Intrusion Protection - Firewall Update Stops Intrusion

ConfidentialLock TM 

Corporate Verification Compliance, provides security compliance by enforcing secret. confidential corporate, government or highly sensitive email user authentication. Breaches of this compliance are immediately routed to the Security Escalation team as cyber-crimes. Allows for the creation of tightly coupled work group confidentiality – high-value, CxO, Financial, B2B, B2C, B2G, G2G, and C2C.

Corporate Shield Intrusion ProtectionTM

GeoThreatTM Traffic Analysis

Internal real-time protection against threats from within email at rest or emails that bypass all security levels… even eMailGPS. GeoThreat looks at the real-time invoking of a request from within email to known threat IP-Addresses. It also looks at real-time attachment opens that trigger Ransomware or RansomWorm propagation by implementing a Killchain defense to STOP the spread of MalWare to neighboring nodes, to isolate the intrusion to this specific node, provide the ability to lock down the node and alert security teams of an intrustion and possible high threat of the spread of Malware to the enterprise.

Internal Threat ProtectionTM