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GeoAware Learning Center Series

Is designed to educate the individuals within a company on “Learning Awareness”. Protecting your organization… what to look for, best practices, how to use eMailGPS to triage the intrusions detected, identify CEO Scams with Geolocation mapping of high-valued shields and finally the corporate shields for internal trust within the corporation, B2B, B2C, C2C, B2G and G2G. We feel with this learning series and our software the forensics performed at the source will minimize 99% of the threats that bypass the firewalls by alerting the employees, allowing them to quarantine suspected threats, to block extreme threats with a pin-code and send off the threats to internal security teams to fortify the corporate firewall and spam filters to eliminate the exposed threats. We still are not 100% safe from threats since the cyber criminal devise new ways daily to bypass our security, we continue to make improvements to provide our customers with the safest alternative solution.

Microsoft Office365, Outlook provides the most widely used Personal Information Management (PIM) solution, it allows the centralization of other email sources to collapse within it so there is a single pane of glass view of all emails and that those emails are inspected in-flight by and flagged accordingly as suspected or highly suspected threats. By centralizing other email systems that you use on your desktop, mobile or servers this provides the best chance possible to defeat the cyber criminal threats via email.

Microsoft Outlook 

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