GeoAware Mobile

eMailGPS GeoAware Mobile is designed for use on Android (and iPhone) devices, and integrates with desktop and data center versions of eMailGPS for a complete email security awareness platform. eMailGPS mobile and desktop solutions can ll be used independently of each other, or as a holistic security platform to end business email compromise.

eMailGPS for Mobile gives a red classification to emails coming from known and reported threat sources, before the email is opened.

Emails are marked yellow indicating the email is from untrusted sources, and purple classifications on emails means you have more assurance the sender is really who they claim to be.

These proactive methods of providing end user email safety awareness virtually eliminates the operational space of cyber-criminals attempting breaches via social engineering and other email-related threats that firewall and SPAM filters don’t do.

Mobile email users who leverage eMailGPS simply press and hold on the message to send the email’s relevant information to security teams, managed service providers, help desk platforms, big data integrations, or the EISC (Email Information & Security Center) provided by eMailGPS.

In addition, eMailGPS offers a firewall integration pack that allows the threat emails reported by end user to dynamically create firewall rules to temporarily block the reported email’s source from having access to the internal network while the threat is reviewed.

eMailGPS mobile completes email user threat and trust awareness coverage when used with eMailGPS Data Center and Office365 Outlook.

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