GeoPlatfom Security

eMailGPS GeoPlatform’s goal is to reduce a cyber-criminals operational space and the likelihood of a successful intrusion attacks – by allowing organizations to compartmentalize their most serious threats, create a circle of trust and focus on business operations.

The eMailGPS Security Platform has six (6) layer defense that can be added to your existing security mechanisms that are focused on creating more barriers to drastically reduce successful cyber-attacks and increase your robustness to reduce the playing field of these attacks – GeoAware Mobile, GeoAware Desktop, GeoAware DataCenter, GeoThreat Isolation and GeoThreat Integration.

Six Layer Upgrade

  1. Geolocation – Email source server
  2. Awareness – Social Engineering Traffic Light Awareness
  3. Circle of Trust – Legitimate Traffic
  4. Classification – Threat & Trust Cloud Appliance collecting a Digital Footprint
  5. Integration – Real-time perimeter security for Firewall and SIEM NOC Monitoring
  6. Propagation – Isolation of Outbound Threats and Command & Control Communications

More layers to come as we build in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) learning capabilities.

The eMailGPS Platform streamlines end-user security awareness workflows whether they are new phishing attempts that put your user identities at risk, ransomware or ransomworm attacks that poses a threat to your data, intellectual property or assets, the prevention of newly detected threats, or any other sophisticated attack against your network.

Your security deployment needs to automatically prevent attackers from achieving their mission and we have four (4) key characteristics that enable the prevention of successful cyber-attacks:

  1. Embedded technologies. Leverage geolocation and other proprietary algorithms to reveal known threats, untrusted email conditions, assisted support notifications and a higher level of sender verification.
  2. Email Security Automation. Allows any email user to interact with email security teams, identify fraudulent and socially-engineered emails, and gain an awareness of breach attempts in less than a second with little to no training.
  3. Integration and Flexibility. Allows organizations to surround email users with layers of additional security, beyond firewalls and SPAM filters, that provides a higher level of breach prevention from predictive analytics
  4. Intrusion Detection Intelligence. Sharing creates a last line of defense against business email compromise by completing the security improvement circle between mobile and desktop end users and the data center.