Intrusion Detection

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), can be defined as “…the act of detecting actions that attempt to compromise the confidentiality, integrity or availability of a resource.” More specifically, the goal of intrusion detection is to identify entities attempting to subvert in-place security controls. Our current day operations involve both hardware and software solutions that look to detect threats early and thwart any attacks over your networks. Your firewalls and spam filters eliminate 89.8% of the proliferation of malicious inbound emails. But still does not STOP 100% of the email traffic targeting our end-users. Cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated in their efforts to target our email systems and launch various crimes – we are all potential victims of cyber crime.

We must also grow our capabilities to successfully combat and defeat them. The evolving nature of Internet crime presents a unique set of challenges as they continually change the game. These crimes often overlap international boundaries and perpetrators can attack from anywhere on the globe.

A crucial element to eMailGPS’ mission of identifying, pursuing, and defeating cyber threats is to grow your capabilities to defeat cyber threats through software and education. The core of our solution provides a crucial element in our mission to extend our defenses and build a “Trusted Environment”, in that we can comfortably operate.  eMailGPS deploys forensics to in-flight emails sent to an end-users INBOX to inspect, detect and identify suspected intrusions that bypass the firewall and spam filters. eMailGPS does this by identifying intrusions with flags that identify the type of intrusion that has occurred. But your work is not done…

GeoAware Core

Trusted Operations

Trusted Add-in for Microsoft Outlook, this provides – Trusted Intrusion DetectionTM , that contains the core technology for email intrusion detections:

Predictive NotifierTM Scan’s in-flight for trusted server, their origins and threats coming before the user opens the email

Real-time Identity ScanTM  (RIS) Identifies an email’s identity as a trusted IP source based on security policies

GeoMappingTM  Ad-hoc email origin mapping for identity verification, email forensics, or asset location.

Post Threat Notifier TM  Align end-users with enterprise security strategies by providing a “one-click” email forensics reporting that automatically bundles and geolocates the suspect email’s information for internal security teams, help desks or external managed service providers to use for resolution.

These suspected intrusions are mere warnings to our end-users to inspect flagged emails more carefully and work in concert with security teams to identify trusted sources and block the untrusted sources. eMailGPS combines it’s IDS  with its Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), also known as Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS) to grows your protection capabilities by providing much needed input to security teams to stop the threats. Security teams armed with this new found information can now update the firewalls and spam filters instantly since the first line of defense, “your end-users” have provided them with the means to increase the security protection of the whole company.