Intrusion Prevention

Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), also known as Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS), are typically network security appliances that monitor network or system activities for malicious activity. We assume that these are in place and our solution is the 2nd line of defense used to interrogate the email system in-flight as not to interrupt the steady flow of in-bound messages to conduct normal business activities.  The main functions of intrusion prevention systems are to identify malicious activity, log information about this activity, report it and attempt to block or stop it. Today there is no known Prevention Systems that can block 100% malicious activity from end-users.

eMailGPS, combines the eMailGPS Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) forensics at the entry point as the first attempt in the industry to resolve these threats in-flight. The nice thing is that the threats are isolated in the email inbox and marked for inspection by the end user once identified these are passed to Security Teams to attempt to block or stop the threat. However, eMailGPS really has developed more of a Trusted Protection System that works toward the industries first IPS. To achieve a real-time IPS eMailGPS will be extending offers to the Network Security Appliance Industry to join forces via strategic, tactical and OEM partnerships to provide automation of our in-flight intelligence and the end-user identification of threats to update firewalls and spam filters real-time which will take a large step forward to getting to a five nines trusted environment that both prevents and protect the end-users from socially engineered emails that are coming from trusted and untrusted sources. We feel eMailGPS grows your capabilities to successfully combat and defeat these threats.

eMailGPS combines our Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS) to provide to levels of Prevention/Protection from malicous threats.

GeoAware Isolation

Typical Users

GeoAware Pin Code Verification, to protect the basics of opening “red flagged” emails that are the highest threat of causing a cyber-breach. Typically the Pin Code VerificationTM is implemented via the Security Teams to halt emails from high threat sources that bypassed the security mechanisms that are in place forward of the endpoint.

Small-Medium-Business (SMB) – Identified Operations

GeoAware Desktop Add-in for Microsoft Office365 | Outlook, to protect a company’s CxOs, VPs and high-valued executives by forcing a GeoAware GeoLockTM on these executives to validate the location they send and reply to insure they operate with the highest integrity – High-Valued Shield Intrusion ProtectionTM.

Corporation – Secured Operations

Prevents the piercing of the corporate shield. It’s like fingerprinting your company and then all the employees to ensure 100% integrity and verification of every email, within the corporate structure that all the employees both local and remote have a classified clearance Confidential LockTM, at the email level and operate within a Corporate Shield Intrusion ProtectionTM.

GeoAware ConfidentialLockTM Increased Identity Confidence

eMailGPS GeoAware Confidential LockTM is not intended for individual email users, but instead is a means of improving identity assurance between any two or more Outlook email users that have the eMailGPS Outlook add-in installed and Confidential LockTM enabled. When Outlook email users receive an email marked by Confidential Lock with a purple indicator, they can be more confident the email is being sent by person the email claims to be from. For Confidential LockTM to mark an email, it must be sent by someone who shares a common security code, and is licensed for Confidential LockTM in eMailGPS making email fraud extremely unlikely. Receiving an email marked by Confidential Lock also ensures the sender’s email address is not spoofed since it was sent while logged in via Microsoft Outlook. Confidential LockTM gives higher confidence in the sender’s user identity, domain identity, and workstation identity.

eMailGPS GeoThreatTM Traffic Analysis

Internal real-time outbound workstation traffic awareness, and the power of eMailGPS threat and trust Intelligence, for instant malicious application isolation and forensics.

Propagating Threats are Crippling, and Can Spread Fast

eMailGPS provides amazing awareness of outbound traffic from internet url connections or an email’s intentions as it arrives in Microsoft Outlook, but even with best efforts in the data center, and on the desktop, end users can still receive an email with a seemingly innocent attachment or embedded URLs. Seemingly tempting, end-users “click on it”, and end up with malicious scripts attempting to call home for instructions, propagate, and create problems you may have to pay a ransom to get out of. After an event like a malware or ransomware propagation attack, all that’s left is to see if your backup procedures included a restore that works for hundreds, or even thousands of locked workstations.