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PartnerEssentialsTM Programs

eMailGPS, Inc. provides a robust partner program. By participating in our partner program as a strategic partner, tactical partner, channel partner or alliance partner. The business strategy that eMailGPS, Inc. uses to encourage value-added resellers (VARs), managed service providers (MSPs), consultants, systems integrators (SIs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), independent software vendors (ISVs) and commercial/public sector distributors to recommend or sell eMailGPS, Inc. products and associated services. 


All Forms Partner Agreement – (AFPA) Agreement

PartnerEssentialsTM Program Agreement –  (PEPA) Agreement

Strategic Partners                                                  

Are you ready for a Security partner that will plug the growing security hole from social engineered emails and untrusted sources?

Email is the cause of 83% of data breaches, many come from business email compromise… we create end-user security awareness of the 10% of emails that bypass the firewall and spam filters, 800,000/every day globally – 292 Million/per year. The Security teams are notified of potential threats via end-users single click email forensics. This information can be propagated to 3 targets 1) Security Teams, 2) Firewall and Spam Filter automation and 3) Monitoring Systems that Alter the NOC and Security teams. All high-threat emails require a pin-code to open and are quarantined outside the inbox. We feel with the forensics performed this increase the intrusion detection to 97% and that if the automation of the firewall and spam filters this can raise this to 99% based on the reaction and immediate blocking of the threatening IP-Addresses.

Tactical Partners

SIEM Monitoring

The security information and event management (SIEM) market is defined by the customer’s need to analyze event data in real time for the early detection of targeted attacks and data breaches, and to collect, store, investigate and report on log data for incident response, forensics and regulatory compliance. Post NotifierTM allows your end users to provide an email report to support email, or popular monitoring and SIEM platforms like splunk>, SolarWinds, CA, HP, and more. Send Post NotifierTM clicks to your enterprise helpdesk for auto-escalation, remediation, and incident response across email and security teams.

Network Appliances

We are looking for partners, where we can help operations run smoother with Firewall and Spam Filters. These providers would integrated with eMailGPS to achieve a real-time Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS) providing the unification of hardware and software. eMailGPS will be extending offers to the vendors in the Network Security Appliance Industry that are interested in joining forces via a tactical and/or OEM partnership to provide an automation gateway combining their hardware intelligence and our in-flight intelligence to update their firewalls and spam filters real-time. This would be a joint step to achieving a >99% trusted environment that both prevents and protect the end-users from social engineered emails that are coming from trusted and untrusted sources.

Business Intelligence (BI)

External Business Intelligence Analytics Platforms for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Market.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The future of AI depends on companies willing to take the plunge and invest, we are looking to STOP Cyber Crime! Since 83% of Cyber Crime today resides from email, and AI is the future and IoT is posing one of the greatest threats know to security yet… we are looking for partners to adapt their AI to our eMailGPS awareness solution to help us get as close to a 100% trusted environment. In the comment below please describe how you can add value to our solution, resell our solution to your installed base an new customers or bundle this combined with your solutions

Industry Specific

We are also looking at new key partnerships as we expand our Secured eMail Shield Protection to key industries financial, retail, airlines, etc. as they communicate sensitive informationSecured Add-in for Microsoft Outlook, prevents the piercing of the corporate shield. It’s like fingerprinting your company and then all the employees to ensure 100% integrity and verification of every email, within the corporate structure that all the employees both local and remote have a classified clearance Confidential LockTM, at the email level and operate within a Corporate Shield Intrusion ProtectionTM. The Confidential LockTM provides the building blocks for these types of protections. Let us know if you require any custom iterations we would be open to special projects of the right size.

  • B2B Business Shield Intrusion ProtectionTM – would provide safe email conduct between two businesses whereby key personnel of the business or the whole business operate safely between entities.
  • B2C  Consumer Shield Intrusion ProtectionTM – would provide safe email conduct between a business and its consumers so they may operate safely between each other.
  • C2C Mediator Shield Intrusion ProtectionTM – would provide safe mediator initiated email conduct between two consumers so they may operate safely between each other.
  • B2G Government Shield Intrusion ProtectionTM – would provide safe email conduct between a business and the government so they may operate safely between each other.
  • G2G Shield Intrusion ProtectionTM would provide safe email conduct between two governments whereby key personnel of each government or State Departments operates safely between each other.

Channel Partners

All Reseller or Distribution Partners associated with anything Microsoft Office365 / Outlook on the desktop, mobile or data center, may request sign-up to resell eMailGPS solutions. We would also like to reciprocate in reselling your solutions to our installed base that have adopted our solutions. Security partners should add value in the area of anti-phishing, anti-vishing, anti-smishing, anti-pharming, anti-malware, anti-scareware, anti-ransomware and anti-virus. In the comment below please describe how you can add value to our solution, resell our solution to your installed base an new customers or bundle this combined with your solutions.

Manage Service Provider (MSP)

The added value eMailGPS can provide your MSP that promotes the best-of-breed solutions to your Office365/Outlook clients.

Why MSP makes sense…

  1. Speed-to-Value.
  2. Skill Gaps.
  3. Getting it right the first time and after.
  4. Small things add up.
  5. People Costs.

As a MSP, eMailGPS provides the following…

  • Automatically sends info security and support teams can use, with no technical know-how from end users
  • Information sent with one click includes complete email path information, source IP address , link to geolocation map and domain information
  • No email content is sent to support, great for external Managed Service Providers (MSP)
  • Quick-Step Quarantine ContainmentTM  removes the suspected emails from INBOX
  • Allows MSPs to dramatically increase their proactive services profile with new and existing customers and maintain or exceed their Service Level Agreements (SLA) with their customers

If you are focused in Office365 / Outlook, email security should be top-of-mind, given today’s Business Email Compromise (BEC).

Learning Partners

Looking for Microsoft Certified Education Partners, globally. We are interested in the delivery of our instructor lead video training. We look forward to improving teaching and learning through relevant and scalable technologies, services and programs. By working with education partners, we are delivering a portfolio of professional Outlook Security courses and resources focusing on improved learning outcomes for all end-users. We have an exciting program to offer you.

Instruction 101: Fundamentals of Social Engineering – Understanding the basic fundamentals of threats delivered and the counter measures.

Instruction 102: eMailGPS Predictive NotifierTM  – Best Practices & Integration of threats to the consumer, SMB and corporations. This is an in-depth understanding of  notifier messages and what they mean and what to do afterwards.

Instruction 201: Using GeoMappingTM for Email Vigilance – Understanding the geolocation in Google Maps and Google Earth in relationship to Outlook Security and the management of intrusion detection and protection with in the business.

Federal & Public Sector Distributors

Departments within the US Government, State & Local Governments, State & Local Education Departments (SLED), Higher Education College and Universities.

Alliance Partners

Microsoft MVP Liaison Program

This is reserved for the exceptional technical community leaders that actively share their real world expertise with Microsoft Outlook small-medium-business (SMB) and Corporations looking manage their email security more effectively. These certified Microsoft Office 365 MVPs associated with anything Microsoft Outlook on the desktop, mobile or data center. These are active Office 365 MVP members of the community that are writing about security in articles, blogs, social media: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook. Who are interested in maintaining the security of our email transmissions between our trusted sources. A Microsoft 365 MVP interested in helping educate and secure our communications will be at the forefront of a sweeping change to combat social engineered cybercrime.

Cyber Security Insurance

Insurance Partners that can help us drive down Insurance cost using eMailGPS awareness, limiting exposure to 2-3% manageable limits. We are interested in added programs we can guide our cusotmers to to allow them to sign-up for your programs as well that you provide added incentives, as well to minimize insurance cost. We know Cyber Security is not 100% fail-safe. In the comment below please describe how you can add value to our solution, resell our solution to your installed base an new customers or bundle this combined with your solutions.

You can ask for Partners at 800.528.6432 or fill out the form below.