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eMailGPS – Real-time Cyber Security Reconnaissance at your Fingertips 2-23-17

eMailGPS – Malware-Ransomworm Propagation 1-31-2017

eMailGPS – This Office Add-In Exposes Phishing, Ransomware, and More as emails arrive in Outlook – 12-30-2016

eMailGPS – Reducing Risk… Where are the Gaps? 12-22-2016

eMailGPS – Turn Your MS Outlook Into a Phish – 12-18-2016

eMailGPS – After moving email services to cloud 11-28-2016

eMailGPS – Business Highlights

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eMailGPS Desktop – Office365 Outlook Add-In Product Data Sheet v8x

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General Customer Presentation 

eMailGPS Predictive In-Flight Email Geolocation SecurityTM Add-in for Microsoft Outlook

emailgps-basic-presentation-to-zodiac-business-development-with-live-demo-11-1-2016 PDF and Video

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eMailGPS Trusted Operation

eMailGPS Predictive NotifierTM


eMailGPS Real-time Identity ScanTM (RIS)


eMailGPS Email GeoMappingTM


eMailGPS Post Threat NotifierTM


eMailGPS Identified Operation

eMailGPS GeoLockTM


eMailGPS Secured Operation

eMailGPS Confidential LockTM

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White Papers

eMailGPS – Business Highlights