Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

This is typically outsourced to the MSP partner or internal IT Help Desk Security Teams.

We supplement these MSP partners and IT security teams with a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on Forensics below…

Escalation Managed Security Service Provider (EMSSP)

Proactive Care provides an assigned Escalated SME to assist your IT Security Teams to resolve identified threats.

This escalation service is designed to supplement current IT Security Teams. This is a hourly service, it is suggested that corporations pre-purchase a bank of time to supplement their IT Security Team SLA Responses.

Using eMailGPS to manage the triage at the desktop whats next?

Managing security can be complex. Each EMSSP customer has unique challenges and requirements that evolve each day.

  • On-demand Security – instantly enable and disable security services to meet your evolving needs.
  • One-Stop SME Resource – Access the Email Information Security Center (EISC) as an eMailGPS Escalation Managed Service to manage your threats.
  • SME Support – eMailGPS provides access to a SME escalated technical support security personnel so you do not have to become the security expert.

The added value eMailGPS SME can provide your MSSP/MSP that promotes the best-of-breed solutions to your Office365/Outlook clients.

Why EMSSP makes sense…

  1. Speed-to-Value.
  2. Skill Gaps.
  3. Getting it right the first time and after.
  4. Small things add up.
  5. People Costs.

As a EMSSP, eMailGPS provides the following…

  • Automatically sends info to EMSSP security and SME support teams can use, with no technical know-how from end users
  • Information sent with one click includes complete email path information, source IP address , link to geolocation map and domain information
  • No email content is sent to SME support, great for external Managed Service Providers (MSP)
  • Quick-Step Quarantine ContainmentTM  removes the suspected emails from INBOX
  • Allows EMSPs to dramatically increase their proactive services profile with new and existing customers and maintain or exceed their Service Level Agreements (SLA) with their customers

If you are focused in Office365 / Outlook, email security should be top-of-mind, given today’s Business Email Compromise (BEC).