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Build Security Awareness across your life, small business or corporate enterprise… don’t trust training that can be obsolete in hours after you take it, effects your productivity…. instead rely on the basic core understanding of what a cyber-criminal is up too… to steal your money, information and intellectual property… have at-a-glance inbound | out-bound security awareness at your finger-tips that is updated real-time. Spend less money, be more productive and feel comfortable working in an environment that a cyber-criminals operational space is now very limited shifting the target off of your life, small business or corporate enterprise…


As low as 5.4-cents a day…

Mobile Coverage on Android devices (Phones and Tablets) and Apple iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) 

Mobile now accounts for 67% of all internet traffic, and email is no exception. This is for your mobile, tablets, watches and TVs used by Consumers, Small-Medium-Business (SMB) and Enterprise Corporate users. In-App Subscription $19.99 ($1.64/month or 5.4-cents/day).

Desktop Coverage Consolidating all e-mail Sources as a single-pane-of-glass Microsoft Outlook Security Add-in 

Our desktop workstation version allows, Microsoft Office365 Outlook, a Personal Information Manager (PIM), which is used by over 2 billion clients. You may add virtually any source email: GMail, Yahoo! Mail, etc… centralizing all your email boxes under one single-pane-of-glass is important to maintain the security of your desktop or laptop from potential outside threats attacking your email systems. This is for your desktop, laptop computer for Consumers, Small-Medium-Business (SMB) and Enterprise Corporate users. Subscription $50 ($4.17/month or 13.9-cents/day).

Data Center Coverage that converges all endpoints 

This is for capturing your ‘Digital Footprint” on all devices a compartimentalized view of each user and the ability to provide a centralized Big Data, M2M Intelligence or GeoFencing of a end-users typical area of operation geographically. Subscription $25.00 ($2.085/month or 6.95-cents/day).