eMailGPS Documentation

eMailGPS Documentation (eMailGPS 7x Docs)

Email Information Security Center (EISC) Overview

The Email Information Security Center (EISC), provides support services to Microsoft Outlook clients that have the eMailGPS add-in with Post Notifier installed. eMailGPS can be configured to send Post Notifier one-click reports to your helpdesk or other email support group, or with an eMailGPS EISC managed service contract, eMailGPS users may use the default destination of the Post Notifier for email incident reporting and support. Without a managed service contract, clicking the Post Notifier button will prompt an offer from eMailGPS to begin email support services.

eMailGPS Add-in Support

For questions related to eMailGPS please send an email to

E-mail Same Day Response – 1 year – availability: 24 hours a day / Monday-Friday in your local time zone

24×7 Support can be made available to SMB or Corporations at an additional cost, per the contractual agreements.

Web FAQ / Knowledge base access – 1 year – availability: 24 hours a day / Monday-Sunday


Note:  eMailGPS Trusted/Identified/Secured Add-in Microsoft Outlook – each have DISCOUNTED Prepaid Maintenance optional 2nd and 3rd years.

eMailGPS Releases

New Product Release updates – are available under a support contract. Typically we will have updates quarterly and patches as required.

eMailGPS Version History


Product Guide / Documentation

eMailGPS User Guide – Version 7x


Understanding Microsoft Outlook Inbox eMailGPS Indicators

Understanding eMailGPS Inbox Indicators


Google Earth Pro

  1. Any Google Earth Pro, installation problems, Google Earth Pro Help or the Google Earth Help Forum
  2. Download a Google Earth Pro direct installerThe Pro versions of Google Earth 6.0 and earlier are no longer supported.
  3. Version 7x          v7.1.5.1557 for Windows           v7.1.5.1557 for Mac – Add-in is allowed by Microsoft currently
  4. Version 6x          v6.2 for Windows                           v6.2 for Mac  – Add-in is allowed by Microsoft currently

Note: By downloading Google Earth from the direct download links above, you’re also agreeing to the Google Earth/MapsTerms of Service and Google’s Privacy Policy

It is not intuitive, may I suggest to download, reboot, run from the command line as the administrator. It will install but tell you nothing. Check your apps Google Earth Pro

Welcome Prompt: User: <your gmail user id> License Key: GEPFREE

It should work from there…

Microsoft Outlook

  1. We only support Outlook 2007 – Outlook 2016
  2. Any Microsoft Outlook, installation problems, Microsoft Outlook Help

Microsoft Office 2007 – Office 365

  1. Need help installing Office 365

Microsoft Security Essentials Download

  1. Security Software built into Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool Download

  1. Ensure you have the latest Malicious Software Removal

Report a Microsoft Technical Support Scams

  1. Report any Technology Scams